SHS Seniors

Class of 2020


Natalie Ragsdale

Regina Davis

Beverly Ledbetter

Upcoming Events

10/21/20- Balfour Meeting @ 8am in the lunchroom

11/04/20- Balfour Meeting @ 8am in the lunchroom

2/18/21- Last Balfour Rep Visit

4/6/21- Cap and Gown Pictures 8:00am

4/10/21- Jr/Sr Prom Majestic Venue, Albertville Al

5/2/21 - Class Night @ 2pm

5/3/21 - HS Awards Day @ 10 am


Senior Semester Finals

5/12/21 - Periods 5-7

5/13/21 - Periods 3-4

5/14/21 - Period 1-2

05/21/21- Graduation @ 6 pm

Senior Links

Senior Unused Lunch Account

Balfour Payment Instructions

--Prom Information: info about fees, forms, guests, and deadlines
--Prom Rules of Conduct & Dress Code
--Prom Rules of Conduct & Dress Code (Guest)
--Guest Permission Form

--We have been granted permission by Dr. Barnett to hold our prom. --He is currently working on a set of guidelines that we must follow. --As soon as I get those guidelines from him, I will pass the information on to you --Prom fee/dress code form info/deadlines will be given along with Dr. Barnett's guidelines ***Saturday, April 10, 2021 at The Majestic Venue in Albertville***